The best way to say “Thank You” to your favorite author…

Prior to becoming an author, I was an avid reader. I loved everything from romance to sci-fi/fantasy. Books were my escape from the mundane of everyday life—and still are. When it came to diving into a series—back in the day before binge watching/reading was a thing—I hated to come up for air. Having to wait for the next installment in a series to come out was torture. More than once I griped about how long it took authors to write the next book.

I didn’t understand until I became an author myself just how labor intensive creating a book is. You’ll want to note that I said “creating” and not “writing.” Actually, writing the final manuscript—funny enough—is the easy part. The hard parts are everything before and after: developing the plot, editing, proofreading, cover design, getting the book copy written and up for sale, and hardest of all, marketing. These are the things that cause most writers to go gray early.

All this blood, sweat, and tears is done for the joy of telling a story and for making readers happy. I always appreciate when my readers reach out to tell me how much they enjoyed my books. What makes me even happier is when these individuals write reviews. While books sales help to pay the bills, it is the reviews that feed our souls. It confirms for us that someone out there appreciates all of our hard work and effort. And it tells others our book is worth spending their hard-earned money on.

So, beyond buying their book, if you can do one thing to let your favorite author know just how much you appreciate them, write a review. If you want to do even more, then spread the word however you can: person to person, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Tell everyone how much you loved it and that you would recommend it. Remember, a review doesn’t have to be lengthy. In some cases, one simple adjective: wonderful, amazing, outstanding, etc. can suffice.

As they used to say, “Be kind, rewind” or in an author’s case, “Be kind, review.” I know totally cheesy and doesn’t even rhyme, but you get my point. Go one step beyond to be kind!

Happy Reading!



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